•     It has been quite a while since I have been ‘on the Blog.’ It has been a very busy season for Pennymeade and as we continue to grow, unfortunately, writing on the blog falls to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. I do, however, want to share some accessory ideas with you as we head into the busy Holiday season….
        Holiday season…Yes! A little phrase that brings about as much joy and delight as fear and stress! That magical time of year when we run around for Christmas card photo outfits and lose our Christmas hair bows in the city during the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, then go crazy looking for them later so that everyone is picture perfect come Christmas Eve! I for one, have vowed not to be scrambling for tights for my girls the hour before we need to be dressed and so I am stocking up early.
        My daughters are pretty particular when it comes to their tights but at the same time, they also seem to think they are disposable. If too thin, they are a ‘goner’ before we even leave the house. I find the tights from Crazy 8 (www.crazy8.com) to be a great value (2 for $8) and I buy in bulk.
         I’ve also had a couple of inquiries about where to get knee socks to go with the Yultide JonJon as in the adorable picture on our Instagram below. After running around to several local stores, they were ordered from Amazon and arrived the next day!  Here is the link:
    Here’s hoping you maintain your sanity while getting the littles outfitted from Bow to Toe!


    Please watch the video above and learn more about the Charlotte & Gweneth Gray Foundation.  As I watched the video several days ago, tears began to roll down my face. I couldn't help but think, what if this was one of my babies... or all of them... what would I do? When I reached the part in the video when Gordon says, "I'm not going to give up hope or give fighting, I have to believe that I am going to save my girls," the cause rang home.

    They are not asking for much; they are simply asking for everyone to donate $1. $1 can make the difference - less than half of your Starbucks coffee for the day. I knew I wanted to help in any small way that we could, so here at Pennymeade we are helping to spread the word as well as launch a one week sale to benefit the Gray Foundation.

    By using the code GRAY, we invite you to enjoy a 15% discount on your Pennymeade order with all remaining proceeds going directly to the Gray Foundation.  Whether welcoming a new baby, buying a birthday gift, or outfitting your healthy kids, you can help the Grays save theirs. Everyone on Team Pennymeade has made a donation and we ask that you do the same. Help us make a difference by shopping this sale, or simply go directly to their site to make a donation today.  Visit http://curebatten.org.


  • It has been a long (very long) cold, cold winter. And as luck would have it, the air warmed and the flowering trees all seemed to take notice just as moms near and far took to social media to post beautiful pics of their children in their blooming best. And I couldn’t help but think of how the long, cold winter suddenly ended with a burst of spring not just on the trees, but on the children! The dormant shrubs of the past season were ready for new life – just like the kids’ wardrobes! Floral dresses! Flirty ruffles! Pastel stripes! Swirly monograms and changing hemlines! Even the laundry piles seem to scream that spring has sprung as cool colors and pretty pastels emerge after winter’s long affair with gray and navy. And for this mom who just loves to marvel at the growing bodies of my little babies, once so small and fragile, now strong and ever-growing, I’m delighted to see their pink skin again, pops of dewy flesh trimmed in ruffles as they reveal their spindly arms and lengthening legs in the season’s loveliest dresses.

    Yes, spring has sprung. If not in every corner of the country, then certainly in our most recent feed of Easter's best, spring holidays, vacations to tropical lands, and most certainly in our hearts.  Thanks for sharing your Pennymeade moments with us!



  • As a mother of four young children, the messages we send to our kids – boys and girls alike – is so very important to me. It’s part of what drives me to pursue a passion and work hard to run a business. With every Pennymeade shipment I am showing my kids that mommies can love them fiercely, have a career, have an identity, and still put dinner on the table (okay, well most nights anyway!). 

    It’s why I, like so many of you, just loved the Always “Like A Girl” commercial that debuted at the Super Bowl. I was immediately reminded of the first time I saw Disney’s “Brave.” It took all my power not to leap out of my seat and yell, “Finally! The princess saves herself and doesn’t need a prince charming!” It was about time!

    Here at Pennymeade dressing “Like a Girl’ has never stopped us from having fun “Like a Girl.” We celebrate our girls’ love of frilly and floral and we celebrate sporty and squishy with equal fervor! I never want to see my girls turn down a chance at bat or pass on a great climbing tree no matter what they are wearing… and I want my sons to expect nothing less of any of their female peers. We love to see the active, healthy and happy girls!


    At home you’ll often find me sharing books that empower girls. They bring important messages to their developing personalities, help build self-esteem, and they are teaching my two daughters AND two sons to expect great things of themselves regardless of their gender. I am always looking for more great titles like these, so please share your favorites and see mine below.

    I hope your daughters and sons will get out there today and read, run, swim, write, fish, throw and smile #LikeaGirl.



    Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio

    The Talented Clementine by Sara Pennypacker

    A Bargain for Frances by Russell Hoban

    I’m Going to Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self Esteem by Jamie Lee Curtis

    Big Sister, Little Sister by LeUyen Pham

    Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

    Different Like Coco by Elizabeth Matthews

    The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

  • Ah, the January blues. When finally the dust, or more appropriately, the glitter, has settled from the holidays, I find myself looking back at the whirlwind that was with both longing and contentment. The festiveness of December goes so fast each year, only to be replaced with cold, dark, sometimes snowy days. But keeping us warm are lots of memories from a magical holiday season. 

    On this Throwback Thursday, I’m turning the calendar back just one page to last month – a month filled with much joy, laughter, and love. Here are my top ten memories from our Happy Holidays… I hope they bring you some warmth as well!

    10. Bringing my son’s boy scout troop to carol at the nursing home. The delight on some of the residents’ faces to see a group of boys sing off key is worth it all.


    1. Cutting down our Christmas tree. I think my desire for a round tree went a step too far this year but it was certainly memorable!


    1. Having breakfast with Santa who brings all the children a little surprise toy as they sit on his lap.


    1. Visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral to light a candle and say a special prayer. As a child, my mother would always drag us through St. Patrick’s Cathedral to say a prayer if we were anywhere in the vicinity of the beautiful church. I remember complaining as a small child and rolling my eyes at her as an teenager. Now that I have become a mother, as with many other previous eye-rolling tasks and events, I continue the tradition with my children to remind them how blessed we are and what the true meaning of the holiday season is.


    6. Adult night out in New York City. Although the magic of Christmas is truly about the children, it is also import to take a little grown-up time for yourself and your spouse. Our annual ‘And the Winner Is’ dinner has become a tradition that I look forward to for months as we wait to see who made the best predictions for the past year and take another shot at predicting what is to come in 2015. The raviolis with truffles, the delicious wine, and the waiter’s opera-style serenade certainly seal the deal.

    5. Watching my daughter’s brownie troop go grocery shopping together for the family that they sponsored for Thanksgiving. What a wonderful lesson for them in team work and compassion as well as a reminder of how blessed we are to have a bountiful Thanksgiving meal.

    4. Seeing The Rockettes at Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular. Despite the fact that I’ve seen the show so many times that I can practically recite it at home, it never gets old to see the children’s faces light up with the March of the Wooden Soldiers.


    1. Santa’s visit through our backyard on December 23rd. Truly magical as he taps on our family room window to check on the children as the big day approaches. My friend was lucky enough to catch this shot of him since I wasn’t quick enough with the camera….


    1. Spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with all of our loved ones in perfect health. This year, in particular, I appreciate the importance of their presence and feel truly blessed.


    1. My favorite part of the holiday season was receiving cards and social media posts with the children dressed in Pennymeade. Having Pennymeade being part of all the special memories makes all of the madness during the Holiday season worth it.

    Happy New Year and best of health to you and your family in 2015.




  • Kate Middleton has certainly cornered the market on classic modernity. In her flawless ways she manages to give a nod to tradition without looking stuck in time. It’s that timeless balance that Pennymeade strives for with every design… and our inspiration for this Mommy & Me style board!

    We have loved seeing Kate back in the public eye with her barely-there baby bump after a tough first trimester with the little royal. We can’t help but hope there’s a little princess on the way… and wouldn’t she look just adorable in Pennymeade’s fit-for-a-princess Black Watch dress to match her mommy?! In fact, Black Watch is a look the entire family can sport! In honor of Kate’s great style, take a look at all the fantastic ways to coordinate the family with a little Mommy & Me (and even Dad!) in Black Watch! #blackwatch #whatkatewore @jcrew @zara @locharronscot