Preppy Kids Clothes: Classic and timeless without being drab or dated

Maybe it’s because I was a child of the eighties, but I've always had a thing for preppy kids clothes. 

You’ll see that signature style stamp all over our collections… monograms, rolled sleeves, classic collars.  The last few years have shown great style trends leaning in that direction once again and I've been on board as both a mommy and a stylist.  You’ll notice that our summer collection of polos, button down shirts, and rompers are infused with a bit of that perfectly preppy style melded with the classics for a look that is timeless without being dated or drab. 

I became a mommy while living in New York City where there were facets of parents who dressed their kids in clothing that might as well have been items from their own closets, shrunken in the dryer.  I've always made a point to dress my children as children – not little adults. 

With one exception, of course. 

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing our boys looking just like my husband.  

I've known Kevin since ninth grade… I swooned then and I swoon now… 9 years and 4 kids later (we'll celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this year!). 

Maybe it’s that fact that makes me even more in love with our two little boys, Liam and Kieran, who are the spitting image of their handsome dad. 

Growing up in the eighties, Kevin’s mom always had him adorably decked out in preppy kids clothes…. A dashing polo shirt with the collar popped, knee high socks, a sweater vest.  It was a classic look then and it’s a classic look now, though it does make me laugh to think that it’s considered a bit retro! 

Maybe it’s the striking sprinkle of strawberry blond hair or the fact that their arms are miniature versions of my husband’s, but when dressed in those preciously preppy kids clothes from Pennymeade - monogrammed, sleeves rolled and all… I watch them mirror each other, and the adorableness is just too much for my heart to contain! 


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  • Peggy Gartland

    Those are some very handsome men.

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