Culture of Conscious Consumerism

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It’s no wonder that our kids’ closets are jam packed. Over the years, clothing has become remarkably inexpensive while our world has become relatively deep-pocketed (even despite economic recession). The result ends up being not only closets full of cheaply-made, poorly constructed, “disposable” apparel, but more alarmingly, cheap labor – primarily young women – in faraway lands, working under deplorable conditions. I’m afraid there’s a lack of conscious consumerism in this country.

I had many goals in mind when I created Pennymeade. Of course I wanted to dress my children beautifully, and I wanted to do so more affordably. But, I also wanted my children to witness my efforts as a morally-conscious working woman, to value the idea of contributing to the world around us, and to live our beliefs of giving back to our community.

For those reasons, I carefully selected factories with the highest caliber of employees’ standards of integrity and a reputation for ethical management. I may not have found the cheapest labor or the fastest moving machines, but I also didn’t find children at work or buildings near the point of collapse. It was a first step in creating a brand that promotes conscious consumerism... simply thinking about what we buy, where it was made, and by whom.

There is no doubt that you can find a more cheaply made shirt than those we proudly offer at Pennymeade, but will you find a business that endeavors to ensure the safety of those who manufacture it? Will it be made of natural materials responsibly obtained?

And will it be sold by a company that gives back to the community it seeks to serve? Conscious consumerism, like buying from the local farmer or choosing the card made from recycled paper, is part of our family culture, and in turn, the Pennymeade philosophy.

Speaking of Pennymeade philosophy... I was so proud of my children this past weekend. Continuing our commitment to giving back to the community and building an awareness of conscious consumerism, my four littles, along with their neighborhood friends, participated in a “Fun Run” to raise funds for underprivileged youth.

As a proud sponsor, Pennymeade is paying forward the good fortune we have in

providing for our children. It was one of those welcomed and beautiful Pennymeade moments – the simplicity I strive for in our busy lives... running joyfully with friends... and an opportunity to teach my children how fortunate they are and the importance of sharing with those who are in need.

I hope you feel good when you buy Pennymeade.

We feel good sharing it with you.


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