About Pennymeade


Luxury and comfort, style and practicality, timeless design and quality construction.  In an endless pursuit to satisfy her own cravings for beautifully-made, classically-styled children’s clothing that met her four young children’s very high standards for comfort, Monica Noone launched Pennymeade.

Named for the English pond where she once played as a little girl, Pennymeade is a nod to simpler times... when parents dressed children like children, when clothes were constructed to stand the test of time, trend, and two-year olds, when smaller closets housed fewer pieces, and none of us felt we missed a thing.

Pennymeade marries the ideas of Responsible Consumerism… expert craftsmanship and coordinating collections ensure our classic pieces, designed to work together, will last long beyond the season… Uncompromising Comfort… soft cottons, supple silks, intuitive design made specifically for the young people who will wear them… and Timeless Design that harkens back to those simpler days around the pond.

Pennymeade juxtaposes luxury and simplicity to deliver heirloom-worthy garments that function today, remind us of yesterday, and will still be treasured tomorrow.  Luxury craftsmanship, luxury materials, classic style, and simple pleasures… that’s the Pennymeade promise.