Top Ten Tuesdays: Gifts to Welcome a New Baby

Tuesday's Top Ten: BEST BABY GIFTS


There’s been quite a baby boom amongst our family and friends as of late, and like plenty of busy mothers, getting a gift in the mail is one more thing that fills my proverbial plate to the point of overflowing.  Having a go-to list of new baby gifts is something that would make for a little less chaos in my wonderfully chaotic life.  Hopefully this Tuesday’s Top Ten will do just that for you!

10. Sterling Silver Pacifier Clip: My daughter received one of these beautiful pacifier clips when she was born and I just loved it --- monogrammed, useful, and hers could even be turned into a broach to clip onto a clutch for her wedding day! 

9. Media Keepsake Collection: For one of my sons I received a bound leather book containing magazines on the stand at his birth. A friend gave this to my first born and I thought it was a really cool keepsake. Since my firstborn was a boy, she purchased the Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, GQ Magazine and had them bound into a big leather book with his name and date of birth on the cover. We have it on the shelf in his room and think it will be interesting for him to look though one day. 

8. Crib Sheets: I have always been a huge fan of these brilliant crib sheets. I know it’s far more practical than sentimental as a baby gift, but when you can solve a problem for a new mom, she will thank you (and think of you often!).  Why have to remove all of the bumpers and wrestle with pulling up the mattress every time you have to change the crib sheet?! This design allows you to zip off the sheet for easy laundering!   

7. Nursery Pillow: A dear, dear family friend gave an embroidered nursery pillow for each of my four children.  They were beautiful gifts that were the perfect finishing touch to the upholstered rocker in our nursery, and they have become even more treasured as the children have grown. My mother-in-law has even had one embroidered with the names and birthdates of each of her 10 (almost 11… and counting!) grandchildren and the collection brims off the sofa in the children’s room at her house.  What a lovely keepsake! 

6. Personalized Book: Speaking of names... My youngest daughter received two of these wonderful stories as a newborn and it really is a gift that keeps giving.  We've used them for years to teach our daughter how to spell her name and to review the sounds those letters make.    We even bought it for our older daughter because she loved it so much! 

5. Initial Charms: Many companies are making little initial charms for mommies.  I have one for each of my children and love them dearly.  For a very reasonable price, Stella & Dot has two styles any new mommy would love.  (And how nice to give something for the mommy herself to enjoy!) 

4. Anything monogrammed! Being so in love with my new bundle and the name we chose for them, I always got excited when receiving a baby gift with my newborn's name on it! For my fourth child, my aunt came to the hospital with a blanket monogrammed with my son's name and date of birth within hours! That was impressive!  Keep in mind, clothes in a larger size is more practical because the child will be able to wear it longer!  

3. Modern Lullabies: My sister made a CD of her favorite lullabies for each of my first two children - a boy version and a girl version. We still listen to these songs each night as the children go to bed. It was one of the most personal and touching gifts I have ever received and definitely one of the most used! Check out these favorites to build your own collection: Godspeed by The Dixie Chicks, Lullaby by Billy Joel, In My Daughter's Eyes but Martina McBride, My Little Girl by Tim McGraw and The Only Promise That Remains by Reba McEntire featuring Justin Timberlake.

2. Picture Books: A collection of your favorite picture books will become a treasured library for a little one.  Include classics as well as new and notable titles.  A few favorites from our family include On the Night Your Were Born and On the Day You Were Born.  They make me cry every time! 

1. Pennymeade's Signature Three Piece Layette Set: We are so excited to release our succulent three piece layette for boys and girls.   Made of the softest cotton, each piece has been carefully cultivated to impress the most discerning of new mothers (and their little angels).  Make this your signature new baby gift and rest assured that that you’ll be starting the little one off with only the finest. 

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