Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Casual Tops for MOM!

Back to School signals a fresh start… clean notebooks, sharp pencils, tidy backpacks and new clothes.  The days of languishing in the yard long after the fireflies appear are quickly replaced with stricter bedtime routines and a renewed commitment to order, consistency, and calm.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been focused on preparing for that all important First Day of School… ensuring supplies are labeled and packed, pantries are stocked with healthy, child-friendly lunch options, and that the kids will be heading out the door looking stylish and smart in their new fall clothes.  With any luck, you’ll be sending them out the door smiling, their sweet skin still kissed by the sun, their hair a little blonder than before, and standing a little taller than this time last year.  I have no doubt that you’ll miss the kids and the unique culture that is an All-American summer… a little less scripted, a lot more casual, and a whole lot of fun.  But, then, join me in ushering in a time across this country when moms will send their children off to school, pour that second cup of coffee, and celebrate six hours of completing sentences, starting AND finishing tasks, and seeing their homes maintain order and cleanliness for a sustained period of time! 

In honor of this exciting time in the lives of moms everywhere, we’ve shifted our focus away from the children for just a moment to remind you that Back to School shopping doesn’t need to be just about the kids!  Fall signals a fresh start for you too!  Here at Pennymeade, we are all about luxurious style and comfort – for the little ones as much as for ourselves. 

I'm always looking for a great casual top to throw on with my favorite pair of jeans or black pants and go! A top that adds some style and presents as a well put together outfit.  Since having my children, my skin has become extra sensitive, so soft cottons are also a must.   Here are a few of great looking tops I’ve come across as I’ve been Back to School shopping that, like the Pennymeade line, feature classic touches like the peter pan collar along with natural materials, style and comfort.  I’m looking forward to heading into fall looking as put together as my little ones! Enjoy that second cup of coffee and happy shopping!


 #1 J. Crew - Tipped Silk Collar Top



#2 J.Crew - Lace Front Sweatshirt

#3 Boden - Collared Breton


#4 Tory Burch - Long Sleeved Lidia Polo


#5 Anthropologie - Lumie Dot Blouse


#6 J. Crew - Tweed Front Tee



 #7 Anthropologie - Averly Pullover



#8 Banana Republic - Sequin Houndtooth Pullover



#9 Anthropologie - Ellery Top


#10 C. Wonder - Silk Cotton Voile Maze Shirt




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