Top Ten Tuesday: Back-to-School Shoes for Boys

I often hear from mothers of sons that the clothing and accessories for boys are not as fashion-forward as those available for girls. I am blessed with two of each sex and must admit that I have equal amounts of fun dressing them all.  The finds for little boys may be a little harder to come by, but they are out there, which is why I am so excited to share with you my favorite boys' Back-to-School shoes styles... just in time for the little princes in your life!  If your son is anything like my eldest, he wants to wear sneakers every day of the school year. This year, instead of conceding and letting him wear the same pair until there are holes in the bottoms, I am vowing to give him sneaker options in a variety of flavors: canvas, leather, suede - all in different color choices.  Pair with your favorite sweatsuits (hopefully from the Pennymeade line!), jeans or corduroys (cue the Pennymeade button-down!) and your handsome little devil will be as stylish as he is comfortable.  

Top Ten Back to School Shoe Styles for Boys

1. Camper 'Pelotas'  - I was drawn to these sneakers when I saw them, not only because they go perfectly with the Pennymeade grey sweatsuit line, but also because I haven't seen this brand around much yet. The suede look dresses the every day sneaker up a bit! ($70)

2. Umi ' Hagen' -  I am looking forward to a comfortable boot for my boys in the cold weather and I loved these because they are rubber soled and pull-on for independent dressing. They will look like mini versions of their daddy! ($65)

3. Converse 'Chuck Taylors' - Don't mess with a classic! Chuck Taylors have been in constant production since 1917 and never go out of style. Pass them down from child to child (along with your Pennymeade). The price is right and they have a color choice to match anything in your son's wardrobe. ($32)

4. Boden 'Leather High Tops' - I am loving the leather sneaker trend for boys this fall! Durable and dashing! ($60)

5. Keen 'Coronado' - For some reason, most boys that I know like anything with sharks on it! I know my boys will love these ($35-$45)

6. Ugg 'Rally' - Unlike my girls, I've never purchased anything from Ugg for my boys. This season is going to have to be a first with these leather high-tops. The big-boy lace up look is aided by the easy side zip and they even have a sheepskin heal comfort like the Uggs you know well. ($75)

7. Adidas "Original Kids Gazelle' - The Adidas 'Gazelle' has been around for a while, but the bright color combinations make them fresh for the season (and what busy mom doesn't love a velcro staple on busy mornings?). ($35)

8. Florsheim 'Doon Chukka Jr' - Not a sneaker, but playful enough with this great color combination, these stylish chukka-style shoes have the rubber sole that I look for in a school shoe. ($60)

9. Frye 'Greene Mid-Lace' - Although Frye is usually a brand I like for myself, they have another trendy leather high-top option for boys this season. These have a retro-feel that I couldn't pass up. ($108)

10. Veja 'Guris Velcro California' - here is another velcro option if you are looking for your little stud to stand out with a European brand. (approximately $77)

To all those moms of boys out there--- have fun dressing your sons!  Classically-styled need not be any less fun!

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