Team Pennymeade headed to Portugal


Just like busy moms changing over the closets, Team Pennymeade headed to Portugal mid-March to prepare the next season of beautiful children’s clothes!  But while you are making space in the closets for our line of timeless summer dresses and classic shorts, we are already previewing Fall/Winter 2013 (and without rushing the seasons, I must admit – you are going to love Pennymeade’s classic cool weather wear!).  Although the planning necessary for a mommy to leave a family of four children behind was incredibly complicated (nod to the handsome husband and Pennymeade grandparents!), it was incredibly satisfying to see sketches and fabric swatches transformed as if by magic into the beautiful pieces that make up the Spring/Summer 2013 line! The hundreds of emails, countless hours of overseas phone calls, and many sleepless nights faded as familiar voices were matched with warm smiles, and obscure addresses became comfortable meeting places where the many hands that have created Pennymeade bridged the gaps of language and culture to unveil our very first collection.

Portugal is such a beautiful country with a rich culture and centuries-long history of producing the most gorgeous children’s clothing for luxury brands!  I can see why many designers find themselves inspired there.  My train ride from Lisbon through the beautiful countryside out to the fabric mills and along the beautiful coast of Cascais, just outside the capital city, have left an indelible mark.  While waves crashed against the patio, we enjoyed the most delicious meal of fresh crab and grilled Sea Bream, a fish caught that day from the sea just outside our window.  I hope that a little of the Portuguese tradition of taking the time to enjoy each day to the fullest is woven into the stitches of the Pennymeade clothing as they make their maiden voyage to the U.S.


  • Ellen Eggland

    I love your clothes!….and your adorable models…..and your blog is exceptional too. There’s no doubt that you will be very successful in your new endeavor.

    I look forward to your Layette collection as I have quite a few friends who are becoming “new grandma’s” within the next six months. I’ll share your website with them, and I’ll look forward to ordering items for their grandchildren as well as my own.

    Thanks for the image you’ve put in my mind of Pennymeade…. both in England when you were a child, and the concept you’re expressing so well in your new Pennymeade company. Congratulations on your recent “launch” !!!
    All the best,

  • evelyn c labriola

    I couldn’t believe how quickly I received my order and when I opened it I couldn’t stop smiling. The tiny monogramed shirt is adorable and the quality, amazing.

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