Resort Wear for Kids Pennymeade Style: Affordable, practical, and prettier than ever!

We tend to throw the term resort wear around rather haphazardly, but did you know that in the fashion world, resort wear is an actual genre of clothing characterized by light weight wash and wear fabrics, often nautical-inspired themes, and ocean color palettes?  Resort wear for kids has actually become a style movement in and of itself.  From darling little girls’ sailor dresses to travel wear designed for chilly airplane climates, selective moms are finding that dressing their children for vacation, summer photographs, boating adventures or a fun-filled picnic is more fun and affordable than ever.

Resort wear used to be reserved for the most affluent among us, those who were expected to spend cold winter months in tropical locales.  Resort wear for kids didn’t even exist.  As more people moved to those luxurious locales for year round living (think Las Vegas, Miami), resort wear became a year-round style that signified luxury, affluence, and relaxation.  Stores like Tommy Bahama may have pioneered the look, but even they haven’t offered up resort wear for kids.

I’m so lucky to be raising my family on an island… okay, not an island the way most people think of it, but an island nonetheless!  On Long Island, in the New York City area, we are blessed by the majestic ocean and peaceful sound – where my children often have the luxury of escaping the summer heat on their grandfather’s boat.  For me, resort wear for kids is nothing more than the relaxed look of summer… practical for climbing on an off the bow of a sailboat and running down the beach racing toward the dock.  On this spectacular Sunday, we cruised along the storied gold coast until the salt air had refreshed every soul aboard.  That’s a Pennymeade Moment.


I hope you’ll find that the Pennymeade line is perfect for your next family vacation or seaside photo shoot.  The handsome sage hues of the boys button down in our Silhouette Collection picks up those ocean greens beautifully.  Little girls will love to twirl in a lightweight Lillian dress… 100% breathable cotton in summery pastel colors.  And the Sailboat Collection just begs for a coastal escapade!




I think you’ll agree that resort wear for kids should be photo ready for those mamas that love to capture their summer memories on camera!  Pennymeade’s coordinated collections make the children the stars of the shot, their beautiful clothes complimenting the landscape and one another.  Resort wear for kids should be this effortless.  And when you look back at those beautiful photos in years to come, you’ll appreciate the classic style and design for which Pennymeade is known.

The Pennymeade Team hopes you all make wonderful memories on vacations to resorts, islands, and exotic locations around the globe.  It’s those memories that will last long after summer ends.


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