The Case for Comfy

Pennymeade is proud to collaborate with an incredible team of moms... From our favorite photographer to our hair bow supplier, phenomenal seamstresses to our consultant abroad, I love the amazing things that happen when moms come together. The blog post below is from one of my favorite Pennymeade moms--- our beloved director of marketing. She is sharing her take on the fall/winter collection and I couldn't agree more!

The Case for Comfy

Once upon a time, not so terribly long ago, little boys and little girls dressed up for school.  Mommies wore pearls to the bus stop, and there was no such thing as Business Casual.  I have proof.  Just ask my dad to show you the first day of school pictures from the late 1950s and you too may be stunned, and possibly delighted (as I am), by just how lovely everyone looked. 

Surely you’ve noticed, the world has gotten very, very casual.  Of course, we shouldn’t be overly surprised; the trend away from formality has been in motion for decades... centuries even.  Some of us embrace it.  Some of us fight it.  And some of us (eh, hem) try to find a middle ground.

A few weeks ago, in preparation for Back to School shopping, I went through the kids’ drawers with them and asked that they sort out what they expected would be good school clothes.  My seven year old son immediately pulled out a wicking tee and athletic shorts – the very ones I bought specifically for basketball camp (the ones that are so silky he “forgets” to wear underwear!) – and tried to tell me this was a school outfit.  “No,” I said (admittedly with frustration since we’ve gone over this many times before).  “I don’t wear my gym clothes to work, you don’t wear yours to school.”   “But it’s comfy!” he explains to me.  And who can blame him?

Convinced that one issue at a time I can eliminate all fussiness from our morning routine, you can expect you’ll see my son in the Pennymeade sweat suits quite a bit this fall.  They’ve struck the perfect balance between comfort and style, that sweet spot in which both he and I are pleased with the way he looks going to school in the morning.  Born for just that reason, Monica introduced the sweats line in an attempt to make us all happy.  She says, "We start them out in luxurious layette in the softest Pima cottons, pre-washed in the most delicate detergents, and then act surprised that they don’t want to wear belts and buttons!"  The sweat suit line is designed to be that happy medium – where comfort and style, fashion and function beautifully meet (and leave happy mothers and children in their wake!).

The Pennymeade sweat suit line is indeed fashionable and functional.  Designed to coordinate with other pieces throughout the line, you’ll find subtle touches that whisper to teachers, “I really want my kids to respect you and the work they come to do each day!” Peter pan collars, playful appliques, and beautiful print details will delight the mommy who wants her children to look put together, as well as the child who wants to lavish in pajama-like comfort.  For my nine year old (who my sister maintains will be that girl on the dorm floor who wears pajama bottoms 24/7 and then goes on to open a cupcake shop staffed entirely by people in PJs), that has been an act in futility until now.  Monica chose exceptionally soft cottons, designed comfort waist bands, and made pieces layer-able to account for the constant temperature changes throughout school buildings... I'll be sure to note that when my son wants to wear his over-sized, shapeless, university sweatshirt for the eighth day in a row!

Come cooler weather, my little guy will be going to school happy – he’s comfortable, he’s not worried about zippers or buttons in the bathroom, and he looks enough like an athlete to confidently maintain his swag!  I’m happy too.  I love the cut, the fact that he looks so put together, and the smile that his “comfy clothes” put on his face.  Then again… maybe he just “forgot” to put on underwear.

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