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Throwback Thursday: Holiday Highlights

Monica Noone

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Ah, the January blues. When finally the dust, or more appropriately, the glitter, has settled from the holidays, I find myself looking back at the whirlwind that was with both longing and contentment. The festiveness of December goes so fast each year, only to be replaced with cold, dark, sometimes snowy days. But keeping us warm are lots of memories from a magical holiday season.  On this Throwback Thursday, I’m turning the calendar back just one page to last month – a month filled with much joy, laughter, and love. Here are my top ten memories from our Happy Holidays…...

Mommy & Me in Black Watch

Monica Noone

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Kate Middleton has certainly cornered the market on classic modernity. In her flawless ways she manages to give a nod to tradition without looking stuck in time. It’s that timeless balance that Pennymeade strives for with every design… and our inspiration for this Mommy & Me style board! We have loved seeing Kate back in the public eye with her barely-there baby bump after a tough first trimester with the little royal. We can’t help but hope there’s a little princess on the way… and wouldn’t she look just adorable in Pennymeade’s fit-for-a-princess Black Watch dress to match her mommy?!...

Open Letter to Parents in Response to Target

Monica Noone

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Monica's Note: It has been a while since we have been on the blog. While we have been very busy here at Pennymeade picking fabrics and getting orders out to stores, we have also spent a  lot of time discussing the blog that was featured in the Huffington Post last week: Binkies and Briefcases'  ' A Target Intervention on Behalf of My Daughters. ' Dressing our young girls modestly is a topic close to our hearts. I think this response from my colleague hits the nail on the head….   An Open Letter to Parents of Teen Daughters…   I’m all for...

Top Ten Tuesday: Sweet Summer Simplicity!

Pennymeade prides itself on simplicity, not just in our classic styling, but in our approach to bringing our beautiful little treasures to you. It’s evident in our designs, in our silhouette logo, in our flat rate shipping, and our site to door delivery. I’ve found that, over the course of raising children and growing our family, when I strive for simplicity, children and adults are equally delighted. Simple joy are often the greatest joys. Just ask any one year old who is enjoying a box while the actual gift sits idle in a corner. Recently, our family and friends participated...

Top Ten Tuesday: Creative Easter Basket Ideas

Monica Noone

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I remember looking forward to my Easter Basket with nearly the same anticipation as birthday presents or Santa’s treasures under the tree. I think my kids do, as well. While an Easter Basket filled with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans may be traditional, over the years, I’ve tried to tap into what the kids are interested in at that time and build a theme-basket as unique as each of them. Sure, I include a few special treats that they can choose from their basket as dessert each night, but since I don’t want Easter candy lasting until Memorial Day, our...