Why is the Ethan Lindberg Benefit Sale so Near and Dear to Our Hearts at Pennymeade?

Nine years ago my dear childhood friend gave birth to beautiful twin girls, one of which had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Her parents found out about her ‘special heart’ during a routine sonogram and immediately researched the best doctors and the best hospitals. All the research still couldn’t completely prepare them for the tough road ahead. An open heart surgery within the first weeks of her birth followed an extended stay in the hospital, all while mommy had a toddler and another newborn at home as well. My friend was a warrior and a true inspiration to all mothers. After four open-heart surgeries in her first three years, Amazing Grace is just that! Truly amazing her family and friends as an active nine year old!

Last year, for her first holy communion, Grace chose the Pennymeade silk heart back dress to wear in honor of her ‘special heart’. It couldn’t have been a more special Pennymeade moment. My heart swelled!


 Children’s traditional style as well as my friend’s special story led me to an immediate connection to Elisabeth Hunter and her son George when I was introduced to her Instagram account (erob77) a couple of years ago. George’s crystal blue eyes in an adorable button-on and knee socks made an instant Pennymeade type connection to me but his heart story and its familiarity to my friend’s stole my heart. Through Elisabeth’s insta posts, I learned about the Ethan Linberg Foundation and their mission of helping families with a child with CHD really hit home as I witnessed (through Insta) George’s hospital stay in Boston this spring.

We are very excited here at Pennymeade to launch this benefit with all proceeds from the sale going directly to the Foundation. We appreciate your support!


Monica Noone

To learn more about the Ethan Lindberg Foundation, please take a look at the attached link.


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