There are many things that I don't like about this time of year but the thing that keeps me going is the red carpet! As most of you know by now, in my house we call it Mommy's Superbowl. The red carpet events have always been magical, providing endless style inspiration.
I also always love when Pennymeade mom's say to me, I love this piece so much that it came in my size. I have always thought that I needed a smocked collar blouse and sparkle collar top but it is easy for me to like my own designs. It is icing on the cake when customers feel the same way.
As I have been looking forward to the upcoming red carpet events over the past couple weeks, I came across two instagram images that I not only loved but also reminded me of Pennymeade dresses. 
Enjoy the SAG awards tonight and stay tuned for some Ladies pieces launching for Pennymeade in the Spring / Summer 2017 collection!

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