A Stone Doll for Sister Brut



As a young girl, I didn’t often get to spend time with my godmother.  We both moved abroad, albeit to the same country, but different corners and with limited time of overlap. As my mothers beloved younger sister, my godmother embodied an exciting fresh-faced young “grown-up" life to my girlish impression. 

There is one memory with her from my early years that will always stick with me. She took me to the home of her best friends mother. Her best friend was a male musician in his 20s so to me going to hang with him already sounded like an adventure before we were even on our way! We were off to his childhood home to meet his mom and explore for a little bit. The home was in a quaint village of historic homes which ironically is now the next town over from where I now live and raise my family.

A smile comes to my face each time I drive through the village now as I remember this one day of my youth. Although I no longer have a clear vision of what Mrs. Casey looked like or the appearance of her home, I can still recall the warm welcoming feeling and the sounds and smells. The kind woman gave me a small book to take home titled “A Stone Doll for Sister Brute“ by Russell and Lillian Hoban.  I wasn’t much of a book lover before this and my ripe old age of only five or six but I remember treasuring the story and the small hard covered edition from that day forward. It’s funny how a book can bring back a warm memory.

A story can stay with you and shape you along the way. I hope to read the story to groups of children. Thank you to my godmother and a very Happy Birthday today! 

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