Top Ten Tuesday: Sweet Summer Simplicity!

Pennymeade prides itself on simplicity, not just in our classic styling, but in our approach to bringing our beautiful little treasures to you. It’s evident in our designs, in our silhouette logo, in our flat rate shipping, and our site to door delivery. I’ve found that, over the course of raising children and growing our family, when I strive for simplicity, children and adults are equally delighted. Simple joy are often the greatest joys. Just ask any one year old who is enjoying a box while the actual gift sits idle in a corner.

Recently, our family and friends participated in the Congenital Heart Walk --- talk about simple joys… outside, walking, with friends, for a good cause, in the name of seeing children achieve what is likely the greatest, if not the simplest of all parents’ desires… healthy little ones.  
We became supporters of the Congenital Heart Walk after one of my dearest friends gave birth to twins, one of whom has overcome a heart condition that required multiple open-heart surgeries. Over the last 6 years of Amazing Grace’s life, I think we’ve all learned a thing or two about what matters most.  

Wishing you a day to appreciate simple joys – sunshine, laughter, a walk with friends… and good health. It made me think that summer is a season full of simple joys… here’s ten more for this Tuesday... treat yourself to them all!  


10. Popsicles

9. Bare feet

8. After dinner walks

7. Beach sunrises…

6. …and sunsets

5. Bicycles on parade on the 4th of July

4. The tinkle of an ice cream truck

3. The way exhausted children smell after an outdoor day

2. Tomatoes from the garden

1. Flashlight tag  


Here’s to a simply wonderful summer!    



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  • This is beautiful & what a great shot of Gracie in that picture! <3


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