Tuesdays Top Ten: How to Ensure a Snow Day

A snowflake fell in New York City today.  It was the flake heard around the world!  Young children in classrooms up and down the coast began dreaming of school closures and delays.  Mine went to bed wearing their pajamas backward, flushing ice cubes down the toilet, and sleeping with a spoon under their pillow (that’s a new one for us!).  But, little do my children know that I, their very own mother, hold the keys to ensuring a school closure or delay. 

But, wait… you do too!  If what you want is to keep the kids home, watching movies, requesting refills on their hot cocoa and traipsing in and out of the house 14,384 times leaving wet socks, gloves, and hats in their wake, then complete just about any of these top ten recommendations (you don't even have to do them all!) and your wish (or shall I say, theirs!) will be granted…

  1. Schedule a manicure and a pedicure.  In fact…
  2. Schedule a full day at the spa.
  3. Eat every last piece of bread, finish all the milk and don’t you dare rush out to the store.
  4. Stay up well past bedtime overseeing the completion of the project that was put off over the weekend.
  5. Plan a shopping trip with a girlfriend.
  6. Offer to watch your sister’s twins so she can go to her doctor’s appointment alone.
  7. Clean every last inch of your house, removing all fingerprints, smudge marks and errant crumbs.
  8. Schedule a cut, color, and blow out just because you deserve it.
  9. Take your boss up on that fancy lunch she’s been suggesting.
  10. Tell your husband you don’t mind if he extends his trip by another day.

Good night... and good luck!  May whatever you are wishing come true!

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