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Poppies for Memorial Day

Monica Noone

After a winter like many of us on the east coast have had, it’s no wonder we are all a little eager to welcome summer at the gates this Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the season.  Though, with news of fallen soldiers a regular occurrence that all too often fails to stop us in our tracks, I am making a concerted effort to share the meaning of Memorial Day (which I am afraid to admit may be little more than the much-anticipated opening of the pool for my young ones).   As I researched a bit of the history of...

Team Pennymeade headed to Portugal

Tracy Sailors

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  Just like busy moms changing over the closets, Team Pennymeade headed to Portugal mid-March to prepare the next season of beautiful children’s clothes!  But while you are making space in the closets for our line of timeless summer dresses and classic shorts, we are already previewing Fall/Winter 2013 (and without rushing the seasons, I must admit – you are going to love Pennymeade’s classic cool weather wear!).  Although the planning necessary for a mommy to leave a family of four children behind was incredibly complicated (nod to the handsome husband and Pennymeade grandparents!), it was incredibly satisfying to see...