A Penny For Your Thoughts

A Dose of Perspective

Monica Noone

As the snow piles up here in New York, I long for those few blissful days we had in Florida a few short weeks ago. On one day, it was a bit chilly, if in fact you can call the mid-60s "chilly."  But as always, we wanted to make the most of the day. We traded in our bathing suits for our cozy Pennymeade sweats and headed to the pier downtown. The children had a blast peeking over the pier at the surfers and fisherman, the salty air and cool breeze kissing their cheeks. As only young children do, they...

Tuesdays Top Ten: How to Ensure a Snow Day

Kerri White

Tags how to ensure a snow day, snow day rituals, snow days

A snowflake fell in New York City today.  It was the flake heard around the world!  Young children in classrooms up and down the coast began dreaming of school closures and delays.  Mine went to bed wearing their pajamas backward, flushing ice cubes down the toilet, and sleeping with a spoon under their pillow (that’s a new one for us!).  But, little do my children know that I, their very own mother, hold the keys to ensuring a school closure or delay.  But, wait… you do too!  If what you want is to keep the kids home, watching movies, requesting...

Tuesday's Top Ten: Raising DutifulCitizens

Kerri White

Tags kids and voting, patriotic kids, raising patriotic kids

The kids were off from school today, as they are each year the first Tuesday in November.  I’m sure they think Election Day is grand – it offers them another day to count their Halloween candy, play in the yard, and roll around in the leaves before the crisp air turns downright cold.  But I wonder just how many of those kids and even teens “celebrating” Election Day understand the privilege, obligation, and sheer honor that it is to cast a vote and participate in the democratic process.   So how about we raise kids who are engaged in the process?! ...

Top Ten Tuesday: Forget-Me-Not Fire Safety Tips

Kerri White

Tags fire prevention, fire safty, kids fire safety

October is National Fire Safety Month, so before we extinguish the month, I wanted to make my personal plea to all the mommies who, like the old me, heed the warnings of fire safety and prevention with lackluster intensity.  Chances are that in the last few weeks you’ve probably see public service materials coming home with the kids, snapped pictures of your preschoolers meeting the local firefighters, and heard the weather forecasters reminding you to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.  I listened about as attentively as any mother of four listens to the warnings of fire safety.  That...

Top Ten Tuesdays: Gifts to Welcome a New Baby

Monica Noone

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Tuesday's Top Ten: BEST BABY GIFTS   There’s been quite a baby boom amongst our family and friends as of late, and like plenty of busy mothers, getting a gift in the mail is one more thing that fills my proverbial plate to the point of overflowing.  Having a go-to list of new baby gifts is something that would make for a little less chaos in my wonderfully chaotic life.  Hopefully this Tuesday’s Top Ten will do just that for you! 10. Sterling Silver Pacifier Clip: My daughter received one of these beautiful pacifier clips when she was born and I just loved it ---...